Resources to support courses and programmes

It is intended that this page will ultimately include a range of material relating to the short courses and longer-term programmes offered by New Perspectives… However, this is likely to develop only slowly.

This may include:

  • a summary of the elements of research on which the courses draw;
  • a bibliography of recommended reading with a brief summary of the main position taken and issues raised.
  • a list of issues for schools to consider in self-evaluating their provision, for instance in developing a teaching and learning policy, and provision for minority ethnic/bilingual pupils, given their own context and stage of development;
  • references to sources suggesting relevant methodology in developing action research projects;
  • advice on developing research questions, planning an initial audit
  • examples of some of the activities which the programmes cover, as examples both of the support needed and strategies offered;
  • brief descriptions of previous projects led by Tony Eaude, including ‘Leading Learners and Learning Leaders’ and the Oxfordshire Middle Leaders project run in 2002/3;

If you wish to suggest material in these areas which it would be useful to highlight, please contact New Perspectives.

Some materials which support teachers of primary history, prepared by Professor Hilary Cooper, are available here