Books and pamphlets for teachers and parents

This page offers a short description of other publications written for an audience of teachers and, in some cases, parents.

  • Playing for Life

This publication was the result of an Oxfordshire Early Years Action Research Project, inspired by the work of Guy Claxton on ‘learning to learn’. It includes brief reports from 67 early years practitioners using aspects of the action research method, divided into four sections on resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness, with introductory and summary sections. The publication may be available by contacting but if this does not work please contact Dr Tony Eaude.

  • Primary Education -a guide to the junior years, Learning Difficulties and Successful Learning -from birth to the primary years

These short books for parents were published in 1999 by Letts in the series ‘You and Your Child’. The first two were written by Tony Eaude, the third jointly with Roy Blatchford. They sold extremely well but are in a series with a fairly short shelf life, so are now not widely available. They can be bought at a somewhat extortionate price via Amazon, or possibly by contacting Tony Eaude.