Enhancing achievement for young bilingual learners – lessons from the experience of Bangladeshi heritage children

This draws on a research project with six schools in Newham and Sheffield looking at the needs of, and provision for, children of Bangladeshi heritage. However, this is used to show how looking at one particular group can help to improve provision both for that group and for all learners of minority ethnic and/or bilingual heritage. The publication consists of training materials, in three parts- a 16 page booklet introduction to minority ethnic achievement and bilingualism, 17 cards each of which discusses a particular theme and raises points for consideration and an audit tool to help schools to evaluate their provision both generally and in relation to any one minority ethnic/bilingual group.

A Word copy of most of the audit tool is available from minethaudit (doc, 98K) This will enable you to edit it for use in your context. It is recommended that you do not use this without reading the guidance notes and the rationale for this, which is in the main publication.

To order one or more copies, or with any queries or comments, or to discuss your training needs in this area, please contact Dr Tony Eaude.