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New Perspectives … offers two main types of course designed for headteachers, teachers, those training to teach and, often, other staff or governors in primary and nursery schools. This page describes the courses New Perspectives on … while those Thinking Through Pedagogy can be seen on that page.

All of the courses are designed to encourage discussion and the sharing of good practice, recognising the need for teachers to think through and reflect on the complexity of children’s learning. They are, therefore, very different from courses which offer simple solutions.

The courses are based on research and experience, with both theoretical and practical elements. Courses are set up, usually in schools, in response to requests, rather than organised on pre-set dates. If you wish to discuss holding one of these courses in this school and how these can be of most use to you, then please contact

New Perspectives on … are designed as one day training courses addressing a particular theme and helping participants to explore what these involve and the practical implications. However, these can be tailored to the specific needs of an individual school, partnership or group and can be adapted as a set of two or three twilight sessions. The rationale, audience, timescale and commitment and intended outcomes of each of the established courses can be seen by clicking the appropriate link from the left-hand column or below. These are New Perspectives on…

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For more details on any of these courses, please click the links above. To discuss any of these courses, please contact New Perspectives …