New Perspectives… on curriculum design


This course is intended to help teachers in primary schools address the curriculum implications of the National Curriculum and the new Ofsted Framework. In particular, it provides advice on how breadth, balance and creativity can be planned for, given current national and local contexts, without losing rigour and an emphasis on raising standards. The course is strongly based on children’s learning needs and styles and can be run in conjunction with elements of ‘New Perspectives on child development and learning styles’.


This course is designed for headteachers, teachers and other staff in one primary school, or group of small schools. The practical emphasis is reflected in the self-evaluation of the school’s current curricular provision and discussion of how the educational experience of the children can be enhanced. Advice to heads and senior managers in how to monitor and support a broader, more integrated curriculum is part of the course, but can be given a higher profile depending on the school’s needs.


The course can be run either as a training day or a set of two or three staff meetings. Where there are separate sessions, additional benefit can be gained by the reflection and conversation which occurs, and is encouraged, between sessions. A conversation with the head, senior member of staff or course leader will be necessary, in advance, to determine the current level of knowledge and experience of potential participants and to establish the specific objectives to be met.


Participants will:

  • engage in evaluation of the strengths and limitations of the current curricular approach within their own school;
  • gain a greater awareness of what a balanced and broadly-based curriculum entails;
  • be helped to reflect on the implications for their own practice and that of their school; and
  • consider the practical implications in terms of approaches to timetabling and planning.

This course can be linked to the development of a school’s learning and teaching policy and/or self-evaluation. As with all ‘New Perspectives …’ courses, it is hoped that participants will come to see their teaching in fresh and innovative ways, building on and enhancing their professional knowledge and providing new energy and motivation.

To discuss this course, or others offered by ‘New Perspectives…’, and how they can be most useful in your own context, please feel free to contact Dr Tony Eaude, 6 Long Wall, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PG on 01865 711135 (phone/fax) or