New Perspectives… on values


This course will help those working in schools to recognise the central place of values in education, to reflect on their own, and their school’s, values and to consider how children can be encouraged to explore and internalise values. The importance of values both in children’s personal development and in contributing to a calmer, more purposeful learning environment, and so to higher standards of achievement, is highlighted. Difficult questions related to groups with different, possibly conflicting values, whether explicit or implicit, are addressed.


This course is designed for all teachers, headteachers, and other staff in primary schools. It is particularly appropriate for an individual school or a local partnership of schools. The main emphasis is on the values of those who work in one institution, but it can be adapted, where appropriate, for groups from different settings, such as teachers in initial training or a group of headteachers or school advisers.


The course can consist of either a one training day or a set of two or three staff meetings. The three modules consider the importance of values and how these are manifested, the values shared by the group and how to encourage children to reflect on, and internalise, values. Where policy development is required, advice can be offered, but usually as a separate activity. In line with the philosophy of ‘New Perspectives …’, brief theoretical and research inputs are included and discussion among the participants at both small- and wholegroup level are encouraged. Where there are separate sessions, additional benefit can be gained by the reflection and conversation which occurs, and is encouraged, between sessions. A discussion, in advance, with the head, or senior member of staff, will help to establish the school’s requirements and the course objectives.


Participants will be helped to:

  • gain greater insight into how values determine educational aims and priorities;
  • reflect on their own values and how the values which their school espouses are manifested;
  • explore the different values which children and families bring and how schools can offer a framework of values while respecting this diversity;
  • consider the importance of both example and explicit discussion in helping children reflect on, and internalise, their values; and
  • discuss practical ways, such as the Values Education programme, in which schools can explicitly introduce these issues in school.

Dr Tony Eaude will draw on his experience as a teacher and headteacher, as a researcher into children’s spiritual development and as an evaluator of the Values Education programme in nine schools. He is a trainer with the Values Education Trust.

As with all ‘New Perspectives …’ courses, it is hoped that participants will come to see their teaching in fresh and innovative ways, building on and enhancing their professional knowledge and providing new energy and motivation. To discuss this course, or others offered by ‘New Perspectives …’, and how they can be most useful in your own context, please feel free to contact Dr Tony Eaude, 6 Long Wall, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PG on 01865 711135 (phone/fax) or