Forthcoming publications

Tony Eaude has written a chapter for the Bloomsbury Handbook on Identity and Culture. This is called ‘Social and cultural factors that influence the construction of young children’s identities: and implications for adults who care for them’ and draws on ideas discussed at greater length in his book ‘Identity, Culture and Belonging: Educating Young Children for a Changing World.’  He also co-authored with Ruth Wills the concluding chapter of the Handbook, called ‘Identity and culture – Looking ahead: Implications for research and practice’. The Handbook is due to be published in August 2021.

Tony Eaude is currently doing a considerable amount of work on Humanities 20:20 and is preparing the 2021 Chrisitan Schiller lecture tobe given on March 8th 2021, with the title‘Why a balanced and broadly-based curriculum matters- particularly for young children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds’ It is anticipated that this (or a summary) will be published in Primary First and the full text will be available on this website in due course.

Two articles on which he is actively working are

  • ‘Reflections on how young children develop a sense of beautyand should be guided in doing so.’ and
  • ‘Revisiting some half-forgotten ideas on children’s spirituality.’

A bibliography of books and articles on children’s spiritual development, with a brief summary of the main position taken and issues raised, may be developed in due course.