Forthcoming publications

Tony Eaude is writing a chapter for the Bloomsbury Handbook on Identity and Culture. This is provisionally entitled ‘How young children’s identities are constructed and the influence of factors associated with culture’ and draws on ideas discussed at greater length in his book ‘Identity, Culture and Belonging: Educating Young Children for a Changing World.’

Tony Eaude is currently doing a considerable amount of work on Humanities 2020 and is preparing the 2020 Chrisitan Schiller lecture tobe given on July 8th 2020, with the title‘Why a balanced and broadly-based curriculum matters- particularly for young children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds’ It is anticipated that this (or a summary) will be published in Primary First.

Two articles on which he is actively working are


  • ‘Reflections on how young children develop a sense of beautyand should be guided in doing so.’ and
  • ‘Revisiting some half-forgotten ideas on children’s spirituality.’


A bibliography of books and articles on children’s spiritual development, with a brief summary of the main position taken and issues raised, may be developed in due course.