New Perspectives on Spiritual Development

New Perspectives on Spiritual Development is a short booklet written for teachers and published in 2003 by the National Primary Trust. It summarises, in an accessible and practical form, the key messages for teachers of Tony Eaude’s doctoral thesis. The booklet discusses the problems of defining spiritual development and in what senses children do develop spiritually. Seeking an approach which is inclusive for all children, it argues that spiritual development does not occur only within a religious context, but involves a universal search for answers to questions of the ‘Who am I? Where do I fit in? Why am I here?’ type – those related to identity, place and purpose. Tony Eaude argues that these must include painful and potentially painful experiences as well as life-affirming ones and ‘awe and wonder’ experiences. Those who wish to discuss the contents of this booklet should please contact

Very few copies of the printed version are now available, in part because many were thrown away accidentally during an office move! However a few copies are available by contacting Tony Eaude. The text can be downloaded from npsd (doc, 174K) but those wishing to quote from this publication should note that the page numbers to be used are those of the printed version, not this one, as they differ. In this event, please contact Tony Eaude.